Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ladies Unite!

I don't know about you, but I think we need a revolution. Our mothers and grandmothers of decades past helped us get the vote. They also helped pave the way for equal pay for equal work. To them, I am grateful, sort of.. You see, there is a less palatable byproduct of their efforts, and it is on that subject I can no longer remain silent. To what am I referring, you may ask? To which I reply, don’t tell me you don’t know! Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that while we strived so earnestly for our independence from men that you failed to notice this very important thing: We got it! What a curve ball that ended up being! I, for one, am growing tired of burdens of autonomy. Women were once beloved and cherished, but no longer. When God handed down judgments to Adam and Eve, he told Adam he would have to be a servant to the land. To Eve he gave the yoke of pain during childbirth. Yet, though our independence from men we have assumed their yoke as well! What were we thinking? So, now is the time for a revolution, and here is the kicker. The opposition is not men. The opposition is not government. The opposition is within ourselves. Our men are supposed to be our support. They are our balance, our counterparts. They are strong where we are weak and vice versa. For them to respect us we must first respect them. And so, ladies, I call for a revolution. Let your men be men! Let your boys be boys! Let them hold the door, pay for meals, lead on the dance floor. Let them hold your hand and guide you down some icy stairs. Let them be your comfort and your protection. Let them be your man! Ladies, unite! Stop giving your affection away to men who choose to dishonor you. Stop rewarding poor behavior with your time and care. Require they treat you with respect and dignity not just in tongue but in presence of mind! Yes, I think it's time for a revolution…

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  1. Anonymous21/2/10 19:34

    Wow Brandi! I think we think along a few of the same lines. My concern though is mostly with all of the guys around that treat ladies poorly. There seem to be so few men out there that respect women. Is it that women think that all men are that way and they just have to put up with it and expect it? Or is it that something actually attracts women to these guys?

    We should get together sometime and talk about these sorts of things...and have coffee or a scone..or ever an ice cream cone.